XBMC Commander is now what Apple calls a "legacy app"
It's still working fine, but unfortunately i'm no langer able to update it without rewriting 90% of the code, since Apple changed to much in iOS since the initial release of XBMC Commander.
There are some glitches:
- Apple somehow killed sliders in older apps with their recent 8.3 update. Fingers crossed this will be fixed.


XBMC Commander is a remote control for the iPad especially designed to interact with Kodi, one of the most advanced open source media centers out there.


Needles to say, XBMC Commander requires a computer with Kodi installed on it.
If you want to get the most out of the app, make sure to run the latest version of Kodi.

XBMC Commander will run on your iPad, as well as on your iPhone or iPod.

Please note that there's also an iPhone only "light" version in the iTunes store.


XBMC Commander will improve at the same rate as new features are added to Kodis JSON API.


XBMC Commander currently offers a gesture based remote control, full support for movie, tv show and music libraries.

Navigate XBMC using gestures

No need to look at the iPad to find a button.
just swipe the screen to move the selection on your XBMC, tap to select or play - among others.
Or use one of the build-in shortcuts to scan your media library or toggle subtitles.

Browse your media

Scroll through your movies in an ibooks-like interface.
All image thumbnails are cached on the device, which makes loading really fast.

Enjoy the rich user interface

Summaries of your items are presented in a realistic way.
You’re loving digital media, but missing the good old way (tm) of searching through a heap of DVDs for the video to watch this evening? XBMC commander is for you!

Support for tv show banners

XBMC Commander offers out-of-the-box support for tv show banners.
Your XBMC server is using posters? No problem, posters are supported too!

Start playing any item

Start playing any music track / album / tv show episode / movie on your XBMC machine with a simple tap of your finger!
Or just add it to your playlist.

Search your libraries

Filter your content by genre, do a fulltext search - or browse your recently added items only.
Note: Searching for music tracks isn't supported at the moment.

Got more than one media PC?

XBMC Commander supports as many distinct servers as you like to add!

Fine tune the app

Make sure you check out the iPads system settings, because you can tune a lot of settings there.

Needles to say...

...rotating your iPad is fully supported!